TD Communications has nearly 100 Carrier-Provider Retail & Wholesale Relationships, this reach allows our clients access to the best solutions Tailored to their specific needs.

TD Com works with the most reliable suppliers because TD knows that happy customers are long term. A reliable supplier is one that offers a great service at a reasonable price and implements and supports that service well. TD holds contracts with suppliers offering voice, cloud services, business internet, network services, and managed services.  Allow us to act 100% objectively, in concert with all the carriers & providers with the sole aim to provide our clients the best all around solutions.  Because we work in conjunction with our providers, we have high level access to all Engineering, service & support teams. As TD has strong relationships with providers senior & executive level management that affords our clients with the reach they deserve, all while TD Acts on our client’s behalf as an outsourced Customer Advocate, service, support & IT resource.


Telecom Procurement Analysis 

TDCOM can provide you with an analysis of your total telecommunications infrastructure (voice and data services) as it stands today. We can then provide you with recommendations to improve your infrastructure, technology, bandwidth, pricing and overall ordering and management policies. Our experienced team understands the importance of your network and will help you develop the greatest level of service, while maintaining the lowest costs.

Running a business today is all about connectivity. You could have the best technology, but if your telecom services aren’t in sync with your needs, it affects every aspect of your business.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, we can help:
  • Poor bandwidth performance that’s causing your network to run slowly and/or errors that result in dropped calls (latency)
  • Cost over-runs in your telecom budget
  • The need to add capacity and grow your network
  • Company growth that requires nationwide connectivity
  • An increase in business and a need to securely connect to those customers
  • A change in your business model that involves moving critical services off-site to a cloud infrastructure to reduce risks and costs for disaster recovery purposes

TDCom’s team of telecom carrier specialists helps ensure you have the right carrier for your voice, Internet, data and cloud services based on your short-term and long-term goals. Our sales and support representatives have an average of 27 years of industry experience, and our multiple carrier agent relationships help ensure we “optimize” your diverse carrier needs.

No matter what stage of the game you’re in with your business or your technology, we have the services to help you find the right telecom carrier products for your voice, data, Internet and cloud solutions. We’ll ensure you have the proper bandwidth sizing, based on your growth, security and geographic needs.

Needs assessment—we evaluate your pain points, budgets, growth, customer base and future connectivity needs.

Ongoing account management—we secure the best carrier solutions at the best available rates. Our billing specialists ensure correct carrier billing and help avoid unauthorized charges.

Experienced project management—we coordinate carrier/vendor installations and help manage the entire conversion and implementation process.

Carrier liaison—we help you navigate through the carrier’s products and ensure you’re getting the best connections, service and price.

Support and trouble resolutions available 24x7x365*—our support doesn’t replace calling the carrier directly, but we’re here to help escalate your carrier issue on weekends and evenings. Give us the carrier trouble ticket number and we’ll escalate up through the respective carrier.
*Available on TDCom Strategic Accounts

Consultative unbiased recommendations—we’ll determine which carrier products are right for you based on your needs and your needs only.

Telecom expense management—we’ll help you negotiate the most cost-effective agreement and perform regular billing audits that help catch billing errors.

A Three-Step Process

Because your network is the lifeblood of your business, we give it a special focus—both in the resources we provide and in the processes we follow.
  • Planning and design
  • Implementation and project management
  • Client care and support

As an independent provider, we don’t work for any carriers or manufacturers. We work for you. We partner with tier one manufacturers with proven track records, because we want your solution to still be viable in two, three, or even five years. We see your network design as a long-term investment that provides a strong foundation with plenty of flexibility to grow.

TD Communications Key Features


The cloud has changed everything in the world of computing. It makes it easier to run your business and share information. It allows employees to have access to the files they need, wherever they are. It also promotes global business and keeps pace with the evolution of the Internet. Best of all, the redundancy used in storage protects your data and keeps you safe.

Here at TDC, we are dedicated to helping you get all that you can out of this cutting-edge technology, while mitigating the risks that come with it. We want to connect you with the providers and systems that are going to make your business more productive, secure and profitable than ever.

Contact Center

Contact Centers serve as the primary link between a business and their customers acting as a customer service facility that coordinates all inbound and outbound communication between an organization and the public. With more than 150 contact center vendors with varying offerings, the field can get crowded.

TDC navigates your organization through the fog of the cloud to bring you the best contact center providers. With any provider, it is not a one size fits all. We help bring the right solution that is the right fit for your customer’s needs. Leverage our executive team who has worked for Contact Center providers and let us help you navigate that space.


Mobility has revolutionized the way people work, and mobility is quickly changing the way we interact with technology. When it comes to wireless & mobility we have direct access to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and many other resellers. Working with TDC you will have access to a knowledgeable and dedicated mobility staff including MACD and help desk support, optimization teams, a full suite of applications for device inventory and expense management, and managed professional services for application management, help desk, procurement, MACD and optimization.

Unified Communications

Solutions That Simplify

The power of simplicity of Communications solutions, integrating real-time communications applications like instant messaging and non-real time applications such as email, simplifies the proliferation of technologies your business deals with every day and empowers your organization with:

  • More productive person-to-person communication
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced employee collaboration
  • Superior customer service
  • Significant cost savings through system consolidation

Customized Unified Communications Design

We design and implement flexible and feature-rich UC solutions, enabling your users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the most productive way possible. Our unique approach to design and implementation enables your Unified Communications platform to easily integrate with your existing infrastructure. Plus, its scalability supports future growth.

Network Security

Don’t Compromise Your Business

Sophisticated network security services are essential as business technologies proliferate within an increasingly complex threat environment. While there’s no doubt modern business technologies are enhancing efficiency, security risks to your network from an eroding perimeter, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), unsolicited e-mail, botnets, malware and information theft can disrupt productivity, adversely affect customer relationships and erode profits. And for organizations that must adhere to strict compliance guidelines, network security is a prerequisite to doing business.

Business Continuity

Are You Equipped to Handle Disaster?

Without a business continuity plan, natural and man-made threats—from leaky pipes and power outages to tornadoes and fires—put your business at constant risk of losing valuable data, revenue and customers.

Every organization’s worse nightmare: a disaster hits and brings your operations to a grinding halt. If your on-site servers were destroyed, how would you answer the following questions?

  • Do you have a backup of all your data off-site or in the cloud?
  • Do you have backups of your critical applications?
  • Do you have a plan for inbound and outbound calls?
  • Is your system set up so your employees could work remotely if necessary?

It’s difficult to think about the unthinkable. Which is why many businesses don’t put enough focus on their disaster planning and recovery plan until it’s too late? But not putting an effective plan in place can be devastating. In fact, many businesses simply can’t recover.

TDCom can help you create a plan that gives your business the best possible odds at picking up right where you left off.

Three Steps to Continuity

Step one: Creating a comprehensive plan.

Some individuals may think as long as they’re backing up their data, they’re prepared for a disaster. But, that’s just one small aspect of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. We’ll start with an on-site assessment to determine how you currently run your business. Then we’ll work through all of the pieces you’ll need to consider in the event of a disaster—from the operational logistics of who does what and where to the technology components of your plan. We’ll break down your plan by functional areas and determine which critical applications you’ll need for each area. Because it’s not enough just to back up your data. You’ll also need the right applications to access the data you’re backing up.

Step two: Putting your plan to the test.

It’s one thing to create a comprehensive plan. It’s another to know that it works. Many customers skip this critical step simply because they don’t think it’s necessary. But if a disaster happens, that’s the worse time to discover kinks or gaps in your plan. We’ll help you complete this critical step so you can be sure you’ve mapped out everything you need to hit the ground running again.

Step three: Providing backup and storage.

We can provide a box or appliance on-site that backs up your data and your critical applications locally and sends the backup into the cloud. That way, if you’re hit with a power outage, fire or natural disaster, you have everything you need to continue operating. TDCom’s off-site storage backup and disaster recovery solutions seamlessly scale to meet your organization’s growing need for capacity, while ensuring availability and fast access.

Take Your Business Continuity Plan to the Cloud

Your company’s communications technology must be a key component of your business continuity plan. Organizations can ensure that their mission-critical data and applications are protected through Cloud Computing, Data Backup and Storage services at state-of-the-art Data Centers. Let the experts at review your business continuity plan and fill in any gaps with our wide array of cloud-based services.

Industry-Specific Business Continuity Expertise

TD has a special focus on industry-specific business continuity programs. For businesses that must maintain regulatory compliance, we’ll provide the necessary tools to adhere to all government and industry regulations for record retention and disaster recovery for essential data. And our Unified Communications and Hosted Voice services are ideal for organizations whose daily operations are contingent on phone communication.

Highly Certified Engineers at Your Service

The engineers at each of our providers Enterprise-class Data Centers have been trained to expect the unexpected. They monitor networks 24 x 7 and regularly test and maintain all of the systems to ensure functional and vigilant Automatic Transfer Switches and Uninterrupted Power Supply systems, so our customers get exceptional service with an industry-leading uptime guarantee.

DRaaS in Your Corner

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) combines the best of replication, cloud and virtualization technologies, delivering customized and comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provide everything you need to ensure your data, applications and communications are safe, secure and there when you need them.

Network Solutions

More Than Smart IT Solutions—Smart Business Solutions

We’re a solutions-focused network provider. We listen. We dig deeper to understand your business and your IT network needs—analyzing your technologies and applications and how you use them.

More than just smart IT decisions, we help you make smart business decisions that help you optimize efficiency and productivity, while delivering unsurpassed service to your customers to enhance your competitive advantage and grow and win more business.

Our Consultative Approach

We’re consultative and transparent in our approach. We share our analyses, assessments and our roadmap, working collaboratively for you and with you to architect, integrate, and streamline MPLS networking with options such as Managed LAN / WAN, Managed Router, Managed Network Security and Advanced Application Reporting into a robust, unified, end-to-end custom network solution. Our ongoing management of network technologies and applications optimize your network performance while ensuring uncompromising flexibility, scalability and security.

A Seamlessly Integrated, Managed, Secure, Unified Network

MPLS network powered by Ethernet provides the foundation for advanced custom network solutions. Our advanced MPLS IP Network keeps private information private with fast and secure communications between multiple sites. Choose MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Windstream will configure and manage your VPN and WAN for you.

Integrated with Managed Router services, our providers manage your network routers from provisioning to router configuration, installation, management and maintenance—ensuring optimal resource allocation. Your entire network is secured with W Managed Network Security services, unifying network security into one robust security and threat management solution. Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) completes our network offering, providing comprehensive, enterprise-wide network visibility through a secure web portal, to monitor network traffic and utilization to manage and optimize network connectivity.

Managed Services

The Intersection of Technology & Expertise

Managed Services free up your time and maximize your resources, managing any or all of your business communications and technology initiatives. A managed services solution may mean offloading specific IT operations, or relying on us to manage you voice and data networks, security, equipment, databases, applications, storage and maintenance.

Managed Services: Support When & Where You Need It

We deliver Managed Services using proven processes that start from the beginning, assessing your goals—then implementing the best solutions for you. Whether hosted or on your premises, we can manage your infrastructure and security needs—monitoring, reporting, proactively updating software and making enhancements along the way. With 24 x 7 technical support and the proven ability to exceed expectations, you can be confident that your environment will be performing at peak levels when you need it most.

Top-Notch Experts

With TDs tier 1 Managed Services Providers, you benefit from our world-class, diverse, specialized and certified experts in network infrastructure, applications and systems.

Vendor Neutral

Because we’re vendor neutral, we have the unique ability to integrate and support diverse hardware and software platforms into solidly performing managed services solutions.

Extensions of Your Team

We will customize managed services with premises or cloud-based solutions that evolve with your needs, providing:

  • Crisis management
  • Tactical fulfillment
  • Risk mitigation
  • MAC’s
  • Strategic planning and support
  • Day-to-day break/fix support

Dedicated Internet Services

Get secure, dedicated high-bandwidth Internet access via Ethernet or a T1 connection to send and receive large amounts of data, conduct video conferences, run web-based applications, stream video, provide multi-site access and more.

Unified Communications

Create a unified communications environment that enables your employees to work smarter, collaborate and be more productive wherever they are with mobility solutions, unified messaging, presence management, web and audio conferencing, instant messaging, call center applications and more.

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services take a holistic approach to network management to control network operations costs and overcome challenges pertaining to network complexity and security, as well as device configuration, installation, management and maintenance.

Multi-Location Networking

Advanced MPLS IP Network using a VPN or VLS solution seamlessly, rapidly and securely connects multiple business locations. Also take advantage of Secure Remote Access (SRA) for network backup and have enterprise-wide visibility with Advanced Application Reporting (AAR).

Integrated VoIP & SIP Solutions

Integrated VoIP solutions arm your business with dynamic allocation of bandwidth to prioritize voice calls when needed or data when voice is not in use.

Voice Solutions

Get customized voice and business phone solutions whether your organization has a large centralized location, geographically dispersed facilities, hundreds of remote locations or all of the above.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless provides fast, secure Internet and high-speed data delivery via wireless connections between fixed points. Fixed Wireless provides diverse, affordable Ethernet connectivity to support Voice, MPLS, Private Line and Dedicated Internet without incurring high built-out costs or long installation intervals.